New updates and improvements to TIKIT.

  1. Ticket Templates

    Ticket Templates allow you to define Preset Properties and Design Custom Forms, that can be applied to existing tickets or that can be used, by the HelpBot Virtual Agent, to intelligently route request.

    Knowledge WYSIWYG

    We have reworked the Knowledge UIs to not only support responding with Templates, but we have also added a WYSIWYG editor for crafting rich text replies, including adding images!

    You can read more about Ticket Templates & Knowledge Improvements: HERE.

    We have added Automations & Security to the new Web App UIs (In Beta). We also introduced a new settings menu in the header where you can access Settings & Configurations UIs, in order to remove clutter from the main left - hand navigation. We plan to take this UI out of Beta in early Q1.

    Happy Holidays


    Tikit Team

  2. Way Overdue New Feature Updates

    New Feature

    Groups (aka Support Groups)

    We have added the ability to define Groups. You can now create a group, associate that group with a channel in Teams and then add members to that group.

    When a Ticket is assigned to a group, that ticket's card will be moved to the groups associated channel and can then be assigned to members of that group. We will leave it up to you to set up Channel Notifications if that fits your fancy.

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    Improvements to the new Beta Web App

    You may have seen that last month we released a new UI for our Web App. We are working to move all the existing functionality and some new functionality into this more modern UI.

    You can access the beta UI here:

    My Work

    You will also find a new feature that we are playing with to give analysts a "single pane" view of their work. From the beta web app, head over to My Work where you can find your; daily agenda, assigned tickets, tasks by planner, & unread emails. (This is why we needed some extra M365 consent)

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    Working Tickets from the Web

    This month we have moved some more of the settings and configurations UIs, as well as improved the ticket triage experience. First off, from the ticket list and board, you can now apply a more granular filter to find specific tickets. Once you open a ticket, you will see that we have added the ability to add (drag & drop) attachments and given you the ability to see a full history of activities associated with the ticket.

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    Manage Users

    If managing tickets was not enough, we have also given you some time - saving features for users as well. From the beta web app, you can view all users who have interacted with a bot or have submitted a ticket via the virtual agent or via an analyst. Once you drill into a user you can:

    • see a small subset of AAD info (you can use this data for automations)
    • you can follow a deep link directly into their AAD, M365, or Intune record
    • view if the user has either of the Tikit or HelpBot Virtual Agent Teams Apps installed, and even install them (baring any app policies)

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    Shoulder Taps

    While we would all love it if all our requests came in via our existing support channels, the reality is that the occasional "shoulder tap" is inevitable. So we have added the ability from within teams to create a ticket for anyone in your M365 organization.

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    FYI you can also create tickets for any user from the web app.

    We will do our best to keep you updated on new features and roadmap plans heading into 2022. If you find the inevitable bug or something that just does not feel correct, please hit us up at,

    Also keep an eye out for some new features and major performance improvements, dropping before the end of the year.



    Tikit Team