New updates and improvements to TIKIT.

  1. We've got a few things to cover with this announcement and they are all changing the way you interact with Tikit on every level. Let's get started with...

    Helpbot Enhancements

    We've introduced some new functionality on HelpBot, so instead of chatting and asking for My Requests for end users to update. End Users can now just navigate straight into them with the new "Requests" tab.


    Once there, users can further dive into tickets to leave comments or upload new attachments!


    This functionality will also be included in the upcoming, certified, Tikit Virtual Agent!

    New App Consent

    We've heard from customers and prospects alike that when it comes to provisioning Tikit, it'd be great if there was a way to gradually scale up app consent with functionality as you grew. Now you can just by heading over to Settings at! Then navigate into the new Feature Configuration section.


    Here you'll be able to see a breakdown of permissions that are at a minimum required to use Tikit + new features that you can enable as you so choose.


    Here you can see a breakdown of permissions per specific feature set within Tikit. Including granting access to InTune for user device management.

    Microsoft Intune

    With our previous integration to InTune, we gave you a way to see user's devices and use it as a jumping off point into the InTune portal. But with our latest round of enhancements, we're giving you a wholly new way to manage user's and their devices directly from within Tikit. Once enabled and permissions granted, let's head over to one of our user's within Tikit.


    On the Linked Devices tab - whether it be PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, you'll find it here. Plus you'll be able to see other relevant details about each device such as compliance status, device free space, and the ability to Retire, Lock, Reboot, and view on the Microsoft InTune portal.

    Wrapping up

    This release certainly brings a host of changes with it along with fixes for session timeouts when working with Until next time!

  2. Add to tickets with Email Replies!

    New Feature

    We've heard from you that when it comes to working tickets from email, it'd be great if simply replying to an email was all it took to update a ticket. And starting today, that's exactly all it takes!


    In the above screenshot...

    1. Adele has created a ticket via Outlook

    2. Diego responded to her in Teams

    3. Adele gets that notification via Outlook

    4. Adele responds to this notification from Outlook and her ticket in Teams is updated!

    This feature is live and available right now! Check out our Knowledge Article on it over here.

  3. With a growing number of customers, we're working hard behind the scenes to ensure Tikit continues to scale for new and current customers alike so they can work faster.

    What's new for Analysts on


    We have upgraded our infrastructure to support faster load times when navigating to "Tickets" and loading individual tickets.


    Bulk Edit

    You asked. We delivered! With Bulk Edit, you can now update one, five, or fifty tickets with a single change. Just select the ticket you want, hit edit and flip the Assignee, Group, Priority, or even...


    Ticket Type

    While Categories are great for providing information about the nature of your tickets and making reporting easier. With Ticket Types, we're giving you another angle to view the nature of your work!

    For example, you could create a Ticket Type such as:

    • Incident and mark all tickets that are break/fix in nature like "my laptop won't turn on" or "the projector doesn't work"
    • Favor/Request and mark all tickets that are "I need..." in nature but not necessarily broken such as "I need to order a new laptop" or "Can I get a USB drive?"
    • Change for the times you want to see changes being made to various systems within your organization

    Once you're using Ticket Types either by setting them per ticket or on Templates (that way they are always set!) You can start asking questions like:

    • How many Networking Incidents are there vs. Networking Changes?
    • How many Hardware Favors are there vs. Hardware Requests?


    Optimizing Triage

    We've also been focusing on the user interfaces within the Triage Channel to make things more manageable if you aren't using Groups or Templates.

    Improving Automations

    We discovered an issue with a handful of customers wherein those with large volumes of automations would gradually begin to slow down their ability to update tickets and add comments to tickets. This has now been fixed for everyone!

  4. We've made several changes to spanning performance enhancements, completely new functionality, and the introduction of the End User Tikit portal.

    What's new for Analysts on

    Column Sorting: While you'll always see the most recent at the top of the list. You can now sort on any column you want in the web app.


    File Attachments: You can now filter File Attachments just like Comments from Teams, quickly delete/download from the web app, and upload by drag n drop!



    Faster and Updated Layout: Apart from from bringing performance enhancements to the web app, we've also brought a completely new and redesigned layout for interacting with tickets. Expand what you need, when you need it and keep the emphasis on conversation.


    What's new for End Users on

    Up until now, people in your organization who didn't work or manage tickets could not access But today, all of that changes with the introduction of our all new end user portal that enables your Ticket (Tikit?) Team's customers the ability to update and manage their requests from the web.


  5. Email Enhancements and Web App Updates

    New Feature

    We've made a couple changes recently that let you work faster in all sorts of new ways including:

    Web App

    - Start an Email or a Chat right from the User's Information page or Ticket!



    - Viewing Tickets now sort newest to oldest


    - Performance enhancements that speed up your experience no matter where you're navigating


    Actionable Messages for Outlook

    If you're looking to do more with email, you can now optionally enable Actionable Messages from the Email Connector's configuration page. Then working with tickets via Outlook will present interactive cards just like Teams! How about that for a unified experience?

    Read more about Actionable Messages in TIKIT, here.


    Beta Web App Updates

    We have also added the Access Token UI to the Beta Web App. Next we will be adding the Billing UI and we have made some major Improvements to the Edit Ticket UIs. With those changes the new Web App will be ready for RC.


    We also fixed a few issues that where reported here:

    Stay amazing. Get awesome!


    Tikit Team

  6. Ticket Templates

    Ticket Templates allow you to define Preset Properties and Design Custom Forms, that can be applied to existing tickets or that can be used, by the HelpBot Virtual Agent, to intelligently route request.

    Knowledge WYSIWYG

    We have reworked the Knowledge UIs to not only support responding with Templates, but we have also added a WYSIWYG editor for crafting rich text replies, including adding images!

    You can read more about Ticket Templates & Knowledge Improvements: HERE.

    We have added Automations & Security to the new Web App UIs (In Beta). We also introduced a new settings menu in the header where you can access Settings & Configurations UIs, in order to remove clutter from the main left - hand navigation. We plan to take this UI out of Beta in early Q1.

    Happy Holidays


    Tikit Team

  7. Way Overdue New Feature Updates

    New Feature

    Groups (aka Support Groups)

    We have added the ability to define Groups. You can now create a group, associate that group with a channel in Teams and then add members to that group.

    When a Ticket is assigned to a group, that ticket's card will be moved to the groups associated channel and can then be assigned to members of that group. We will leave it up to you to set up Channel Notifications if that fits your fancy.

    learn more

    Improvements to the new Beta Web App

    You may have seen that last month we released a new UI for our Web App. We are working to move all the existing functionality and some new functionality into this more modern UI.

    You can access the beta UI here:

    My Work

    You will also find a new feature that we are playing with to give analysts a "single pane" view of their work. From the beta web app, head over to My Work where you can find your; daily agenda, assigned tickets, tasks by planner, & unread emails. (This is why we needed some extra M365 consent)

    learn more

    Working Tickets from the Web

    This month we have moved some more of the settings and configurations UIs, as well as improved the ticket triage experience. First off, from the ticket list and board, you can now apply a more granular filter to find specific tickets. Once you open a ticket, you will see that we have added the ability to add (drag & drop) attachments and given you the ability to see a full history of activities associated with the ticket.

    learn more

    Manage Users

    If managing tickets was not enough, we have also given you some time - saving features for users as well. From the beta web app, you can view all users who have interacted with a bot or have submitted a ticket via the virtual agent or via an analyst. Once you drill into a user you can:

    • see a small subset of AAD info (you can use this data for automations)
    • you can follow a deep link directly into their AAD, M365, or Intune record
    • view if the user has either of the Tikit or HelpBot Virtual Agent Teams Apps installed, and even install them (baring any app policies)

    learn more

    Shoulder Taps

    While we would all love it if all our requests came in via our existing support channels, the reality is that the occasional "shoulder tap" is inevitable. So we have added the ability from within teams to create a ticket for anyone in your M365 organization.

    learn more

    FYI you can also create tickets for any user from the web app.

    We will do our best to keep you updated on new features and roadmap plans heading into 2022. If you find the inevitable bug or something that just does not feel correct, please hit us up at,

    Also keep an eye out for some new features and major performance improvements, dropping before the end of the year.



    Tikit Team