Feature Requests

If you need to report an issue with Tikit, please email help@tikit.ai

  1. Copy + Paste screenshots

    Copy + Paste screenshots in the submission and message section of a ticket to help explain issues and answers without having to save them as attachments.

    Casie H


  2. Resolution Note

    We provide monthly reporting to our IT Committee that includes a listing of our tickets. We require there be a resolution description in the report. Currently TIKIT does not have a field to leave a resolution. I would like for there to be a required resolution description upon closing/resolving a ticket. Sometimes tickets are closed without any notes and then we can't even refer back to old tickets to get the resolution.

    Tyler G
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍#Deal Breaker 💔


  3. Expanded Search Functionality in Web

    Why an Expanded Search is Crucial for Both End-users and Agents: Swift Issue Tracking for End-users: Sometimes, users might recall a specific comment they made or a keyword from a related knowledge article rather than the exact ticket details. An expanded search would allow users to quickly locate their past tickets, follow up on ongoing issues, or even avoid submitting redundant requests. Efficiency Boost for Agents: Agents juggle multiple tickets simultaneously. Being able to search using varied parameters like assignee, type, category, or phase can immensely help them prioritize, categorize, and resolve tickets faster. For example, an agent could pull up all 'High Priority' tickets in 'Phase 2' in a matter of seconds, ensuring urgent issues get timely attention. Holistic View and Analysis: Agents often need to review the history of recurring issues, analyze patterns, or even identify potential solutions suggested in comments or knowledge articles. An all-encompassing search function means less time hunting and more time resolving. Improved Collaboration: In scenarios where teams collaborate on a ticket, it's invaluable for agents to search by 'Group' or 'Team', ensuring seamless communication and faster resolution. Enriched User Experience for All: By catering to diverse search habits and memory cues, we are enhancing the experience for everyone, whether they're submitting a ticket or resolving one. Advanced Analytics and Insights: With more comprehensive search capabilities, team leads can generate in-depth reports to identify bottlenecks, strategize improvements, or even allocate resources more effectively. What would be searchable? Comments, Tags, Ticket Number, Resolutions, Knowledge Articles, Assignee, Type, Category, Phase, Priority, Group, Team, Status, Attachment Names, Custom Forms, and other relevant fields

    #Deal Breaker 💔


  4. Reverse chat history order in Tikit Virtual Agent

    When viewing chat history in TVA through adaptive cards, new messages are added to the chat at the top. It would be more intuitive if the message history grew from the bottom, as this is the convention in Teams itself.

    Nathan P
    #Enhancement 🎨


  5. Allow @mentions in tickets

    Allow @ mentions in tickets to notify the person mentioned

    Abby R
    #Enhancement 🎨


  6. Tikit Mobile App

    I would like a full featured ticket mobile app. This would allow a wider range of devices to be used with ticket which would allow agents not to be restricted to web browser only. This would also allow for more control over push notifications and ease of more timely updates. IOS First priority.

    James P
    #Feature 👍


  7. Copy + Paste imaged in Knowledge Base articles for reference in Tikit web portal

    It would be more efficient if we could copy and paste images into ticket replies via the Tikit online portal. I understand there is an upload image option, however you must first copy and save the image before uploading it. To view the image, the requester still needs to click on it. If the option to paste was available, it would save time for both Agent and Requester.

    Nick S


  8. Allow Requestors to Set the Priority of a Ticket

    Giving requestors the ability to set the priority of a ticket would allow agents to more quickly prioritize the order of their work. Additionally, tickets created with a high priority could be used to trigger more urgent notifications. In the past I've used products that allowed for the priority to be set during ticket creation via a web portal, and additionally by setting the Importance/X-Priority value on an email header.

    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  9. Ability to rearrange Automations

    Should have ability to organize Automations. Even if just arrange alphabetically. Only listing in order of newest to oldest makes any organization impossible.

    Angelus D


  10. Auto Refresh Tickets Board

    Please add a feature for auto refresh on the tickets board at https://web.tikit.ai/tickets/board We use this to track all tickets and us not refreshing has caused us to miss tickets. An autorefresh would mitigate that.

    Louis G
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  11. Show more than 20 tickets on the screen

    We are getting hundreds of tickets a day in some cases and it would be much easier to work the tickets for a group if we could see more than 20 tickets on the screens, something like 50 would be much easier to work with.

    Brandon B
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  12. Ability to bulk delete Ticlets

    Would be handy to be able to bulk delete ticket, say a auto reply loop happens or any other reason needed to bulk delete

    Lee B


  13. Edit private comments within a ticket

    Because private comments aren't being sent to anyone, I think that it would make sense to be able to edit them. It would be useful to be able to fix typos or update the information in notes taken within private comments.

    Mikel N
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  14. Add Intune Device to Ticket

    With Intune integration, if the user is the primary user on a device it will show up under linked devices. The ability to add a device as an affected item on a ticket would be helpful if a device does not have a primary user (Multi-User Device) or when a user is calling about an issue on a device where they are not the primary user. Being able to add an affected item and conduct a lookup from Intune and having the device information (Like the card that is on the linked devices page) available from the ticket would help in the above situation. It would also mitigate the number of clicks needed to find a user's device if they are the primary user.



  15. Email signature attachment

    When handling a ticket via mail connector, evert time the user replies, the logo from the signature becomes an attachment. It would be great, if this did not happen.