New updates and improvements to TIKIT

Multiple Knowledge Responses from Tikit Virtual Agent

New Feature

As your Knowledge Base grows, dialing in confidence levels and figuring out how to phrase what your fellow employees could be asking could become increasingly challenging. With the latest updates to Tikit, we're making Tikit Virtual Agent even more flexible and configurable than before.





Updates to Bot Configuration



Apart from the minimum confidence to return an answer, you can now additionally configure:

  • The number of responses to return
  • Whether or not to return a single response IF the most confident response is greater than the configured threshold
  • The message delivered on the Multiple Responses Card
  • The Create Ticket Message when a response couldn't be determined


With our settings configured, let's see what this new experience is like as there are several things happening:




  1. When interacting with Tikit Virtual Agent, you'll receive several responses from your Knowledge Base that are a mix of Articles and Templates you've configured
  2. Knowledge Articles will always show a brief summary of their content. Whereas Templates will show their Title and Description
  3. If none of the responses look like what you're after, you can move straight into ticket creation which respects Multi-Department picker if you've toggled it on by selecting "No, create a ticket"


But what about interacting with the results? Clicking into any result will show the first response that you've configured for a specific Knowledge Article. That way employees have a quick way to find what they are after next time.




But if you're looking closely, there is also updated functionality around the Templates returned. As you can now back out of a specific Template and go straight into ticket creation that once again continues to respect Multi-Department picker functionality.





That's all for now

This has been a long standing request we're excited to finally be able to deliver. We'll be back soon with even more updates to Tikit Virtual Agent!