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File Attachment improvements, Related/Merge tickets, and SLAs

New Feature

Enhancements + a few brand new features will help you do even more with Tikit. All made possible by you and your votes on the roadmap!

File Attachment improvements

Start your conversations to Tikit or the Virtual Agent with images. Doing so, now lets you immediatley move into ticket creation whether you're an Analyst on the Service Desk or a member of the business looking for help.


Related Tickets (and Merging!)

Need to link a few tickets up so they're related to one another? Just head into a ticket, and click on "Relate"


Need to handle duplicate tickets and/or just merge a couple into a SINGLE ticket? Just head into a ticket, and click on "Merge".


Merged tickets will bring up all Comments and File Attachments into the ticket you're working on plus it will Close the tickets you merged automatically.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Finally - an ask we've heard has been the need to setup and configure SLAs so as to keep your Team on top of it's most pressing tickets. With SLAs, we're giving you a host of ways to configure criteria while keeping things simple.

For example, let's say we want to build something like...

- Active Tickets

- Assigned to our Level 3 Group

That have been in this state for

- More than 1 hour to receive an SLA Approaching Breach notification

- More than 2 hours to receive an SLA Breach notification


Once we've configured and saved, our SLA takes effect on all tickets matching the criteria. We can even see how many tickets are currently impacted by this SLA directly on the SLA screen.


And of course, working tickets as an Analyst reveals how many SLAs are on a ticket along with their respective time remaining.


Once a ticket's SLA is satisfied, you'll see it accordingly.


And likewise for approaching breach/breached


Tikit Virtual Agent

We've also made a small tweak to Tikit's Virtual Agent when no response is found. Now it says "I am sorry I don't have information regarding that topic. Please click 'Submit a request' below to get more help or click 'Status of my request' to view your open tickets."

Wrapping things up

Got questions on any of these new features? We've got answers! The Help Center has been updated with articles on: