Feature Requests

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  1. Resolution Note

    We provide monthly reporting to our IT Committee that includes a listing of our tickets. We require there be a resolution description in the report. Currently TIKIT does not have a field to leave a resolution. I would like for there to be a required resolution description upon closing/resolving a ticket. Sometimes tickets are closed without any notes and then we can't even refer back to old tickets to get the resolution.

    Tyler G
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  2. Add Custom Form when Editing Template

    If a template has been created without a custom form, you cannot later edit that template and add a custom form. This should be available for both creating new and editing existing templates.

    Christine Larsen


  3. Allow @mentions in tickets

    Allow @ mentions in tickets to notify the person mentioned

    Abby R
    #Enhancement 🎨


  4. Auto Refresh Tickets Board

    Please add a feature for auto refresh on the tickets board at https://web.tikit.ai/tickets/board We use this to track all tickets and us not refreshing has caused us to miss tickets. An autorefresh would mitigate that.

    Louis G
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  5. Customizable Messages

    It would be nice to have the option to customize the message sent by the Tikit or HelpBot bots to agents/users when HelpBot or Tikit has a problem. Currently, we have seen the following two messages: I don't know what just happened there, but I've gone ahead and alerted the right people. Can I help you with anything else? You seem to have caught us while we are adding & updating features! We are running around and getting tasks done as fast as possible. We don't expect this to take long. Get latest service status & updates here We would like these messages to be more verbose and customizable so that users for a specific organization can be provided with an alternative means of contact for ticket entry. This would hopefully guarantee that the downtime is known more immediately. For example, the standard Tikit downtime message could display, and then appended to the bottom of this message could be the customized/branded message. Example 1: I don't know what just happened there, but I've gone ahead and alerted the right people. Can I help you with anything else? If this message persists, please contact X at (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Example 2: You seem to have caught us while we are adding & updating features! We are running around and getting tasks done as fast as possible. We don't expect this to take long. Get latest service status & updates here. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please contact X at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

    Cameron W
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  6. Ability to assign a ticket to a group instead of just a person

    In many cases, in a lifecycle there will be a group of people that need to be notified about the task instead of just one person. Adding the ability to assign to a group would be helpful.

    Brandon B
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  7. Repository for Example Templates / Power Automate Integrations.

    Having a repository for Power Automate workflows gives customers a template to build off of and would expedite the building of automations. Having example templates and other ways people are using these features would be beneficial to the Tikit community.

    Patrick M
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  8. Toggle Knowledge On/ Off

    It would be helpful to be able to toggle Knowledge on/ off instead of only deleting it to disable the bot's autoreply. Sometime you create a knowledge item that is only used temporarily (As if there were a large outage or temporary change) and you may want to retain it for use in the future. Not having to re-enter all the data again and being able to just toggle that knowledge as active or inactive would facilitate this.

    Louis G
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  9. Ability to bulk delete Ticlets

    Would be handy to be able to bulk delete ticket, say a auto reply loop happens or any other reason needed to bulk delete

    Lee B


  10. More control over what notifications the requesters receive

    We don't feel like the requester needs to receive notifications for every ticket status update that they are currently being notified for. For example, the merged ticket notification doesn't currently give any useful information to the requester (see attached image). We'd like to be able to choose which email notifications requesters should receive when updates are made to their ticket, both on a global basis, and perhaps also on an individual basis (maybe with a checkbox for sending email notification when making an update to a ticket).

    Mikel N
    #Enhancement 🎨


  11. "Stop the clock" on vendor/ user/ problem tickets

    Currently we have started tracking resolution time as an average of the resolved time function on our PowerBi daily reports Is there is a way that we can “stop the clock” when tickets are in a certain status. For our environment in particular we are looking to not have time count when they are in a Awaiting vendor, Awaiting user, or Problem status. Its not as simple as removing any tickets that are currently in that state from the average as they will still have that time when they enter the resolved state. I also realize this is difficult as it does not keep time as it more reflects time as a function X amount of time from creation date. Any ideas on how this can be achieved?

    Louis G
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  12. Allow a user to save filters

    We have had users mention that they need a way to save filters (for them to view only) so they can quickly reference them later.

    Brandon B
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  13. Tikit Mobile App

    I would like a full featured ticket mobile app. This would allow a wider range of devices to be used with ticket which would allow agents not to be restricted to web browser only. This would also allow for more control over push notifications and ease of more timely updates. IOS First priority.

    James P
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  14. Better management of images sent by email

    When we receive an email ticket with several .img files attached in the body of email, we have some problems in handling these images. The problem is that the images are treated as attachments by Tikit and we waste time trying to workout where in the body they were inserted. Is it possibile to fix this issue by respecting the real position of the images?

    Marco O
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  15. Auto-assign tickets to the first analyst to comment.

    This feature would be helpful so as to reduce giving the end user too many cards showing up in the HelpBot chat. We've found that having to edit the ticket to add assignee causes too many cards to be sent to the end user leading to unintentional obfuscation of information. Additionally this will reduce the number of steps analysts need to take to initiate a ticket.

    David B
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍