Feature Requests

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  1. Multiple Responses (KB + Templates)

    Instead of only returning the single most confident response, it'd be great if the virtual agent returned a few of the most confident responses. For example, if you had a question around new hardware you could get responses that are a mix of Knowledge Articles (e.g. how to configure a webcam) and Templates (e.g. how to submit an order for a webcam).

    #Enhancement 🎨


  2. Copy + Paste screenshots

    Copy + Paste screenshots in the submission and message section of a ticket to help explain issues and answers without having to save them as attachments.

    Casie H


  3. Add a sortable Location field

    We have multiple office sites and it would be helpful to have the ability to sort by the end user's location.

    Rain H


  4. Allow users to be notified when other users are viewing the same ticket.

    This feature would be extremely beneficial as it prevents duplicate responses to the same requester. I ran into two situations today where my co-worker and I responded to the same ticket and accidentally unassigned one another since the ticket didn't update in time. I believe if we were notified when others were viewing tickets we're working on, it would allow for stronger communication and overall better organization of our tickets.

    Roman B


  5. Let the Requester choose the Team when making Ticket

    It would be nice to allow the users to choose a Team they would like the ticket assigned to when they create their ticket with Tikit Virtual Agent. We are currently looking at using Tikit for multiple departments. It would be helpful for the users to be able to choose which team this ticket belongs to when creating it that way we won't have to assign it manually.

    Nethanial W
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  6. Ability to assign a ticket to a group instead of just a person

    In many cases, in a lifecycle there will be a group of people that need to be notified about the task instead of just one person. Adding the ability to assign to a group would be helpful.

    Brandon B
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  7. Search by ticket number

    Add the possibility to search by ticket number

    Antonio S


  8. Ability to format comments on tickets.

    Whether submitted in Virtual Agent, in the main application or via Power Automate flows, it would be nice to have the ability to format entries. Being able to push in multi-line comments, bulleted lists and even tables would be very helpful. Many times the entries get condensed into one line, making it really hard to read.

    Shaun R
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍#Integrations 🔗


  9. Ticket List on side of Main Ticket View Customization

    On the left side of the screen when you have a single ticket open in the web interface, there is a list of all the tickets. You can pick a default view, but it would be nice to be able to also pick a custom view that has been created. It would also be nice to be able to collapse that list of all the tickets. An extra feature that would be great is being able to navigate to the next ticket in the list via a next arrow some thing similar.

    Hailey K


  10. Allow Requestors to Set the Priority of a Ticket

    Giving requestors the ability to set the priority of a ticket would allow agents to more quickly prioritize the order of their work. Additionally, tickets created with a high priority could be used to trigger more urgent notifications. In the past I've used products that allowed for the priority to be set during ticket creation via a web portal, and additionally by setting the Importance/X-Priority value on an email header.

    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍


  11. Screen That Reports on all Approvals pending and past approvals

    We can have multiple workflows and approvals and it would be useful to see a grid of all approvals, their current state, if completed the approvers, etc as well as perhaps re-request an approval function

    Colin G


  12. Tikit Agent app: show agent assigned tickets

    Many of our agents use Tikit on their mobile phone (iPhone). Using Tikit on a phone is not easy. To see your assigned tickets via Teams you have to type "show my work" or you have to go through Tikit web site. Would it be possible for the Tikit agent app on MS Teams to show by default all the agent assigned tickets in a streamlined format instead of having the chat interface by default ? A good example would be the Zebra MS Teams task app. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/blog/2023/08/09/save-costs-and-drive-efficiency-with-next-generation-ai-on-the-frontline-with-microsoft-teams/

    Antonio S


  13. Multiple end users per ticket

    The ability to have multiple end users on a single ticket is really a major requirement. Although it is fine to designate a single end user as the "owner" or "primary" contact on a ticket, we need the ability to add CC:'s to a ticket (or whatever metaphor makes sense) so that multiple end users can be included. Here are some use cases: Major incident that involves multiple users - need ability to update them all at once and consolidate in a single ticket Requests made on behalf of someone else - often a manager will make a request on behalf of their employee - or an assistant will make a request on behalf of an executive - or HR will make a request on behalf of a hiring manager. There are so many use cases involving at least two people. Input required from another party - whether it be another department or even an external individual, there are often cases where someone needs to be copied on a ticket update so that they can be made aware or even respond to the ticket to provide status. While it would also be nice to be able to merge tickets together (into a single ticket) or add tickets as child tickets (where one ticket becomes the parent), those functions won't replace the important function of being able to communicate via ticket to multiple end users at the same time. Currently, the only way to handle this is one of three methods (none of which are acceptable): Open a separate ticket for each person, even if it is merely to ask a simple question or notify someone of something. This requires a tremendous amount of duplicate work to copy the first ticket info into a separate ticket. Notify the end user on the ticket that THEY must contact another individual and notify them and provide us with any needed feedback. Send emails manually to others - i.e. not via the ticketing system.

    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍#Deal Breaker 💔


  14. Allow @mentions in tickets

    Allow @ mentions in tickets to notify the person mentioned

    Abby R
    #Enhancement 🎨


  15. Auto Refresh Tickets Board

    Please add a feature for auto refresh on the tickets board at https://web.tikit.ai/tickets/board We use this to track all tickets and us not refreshing has caused us to miss tickets. An autorefresh would mitigate that.

    Louis G
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature 👍