Feature Requests

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  1. "Stop the clock" on vendor/ user/ problem tickets

    Currently we have started tracking resolution time as an average of the resolved time function on our PowerBi daily reports Is there is a way that we can β€œstop the clock” when tickets are in a certain status. For our environment in particular we are looking to not have time count when they are in a Awaiting vendor, Awaiting user, or Problem status. Its not as simple as removing any tickets that are currently in that state from the average as they will still have that time when they enter the resolved state. I also realize this is difficult as it does not keep time as it more reflects time as a function X amount of time from creation date. Any ideas on how this can be achieved?

    Louis G
    #Feature πŸ‘#Integrations πŸ”—


  2. Copy + Paste screenshots

    Copy + Paste screenshots in the submission and message section of a ticket to help explain issues and answers without having to save them as attachments.

    Casie H


  3. Ability to bulk delete Ticlets

    Would be handy to be able to bulk delete ticket, say a auto reply loop happens or any other reason needed to bulk delete

    Lee B


  4. Knowledge base silos

    I would like to see a way to separate knowledge bases. We have many sites and there are different procedure or tech at each one, and it would be cool for employees at site A to only be able to see KBs for that site.

    Mike O
    #Enhancement 🎨


  5. Control the time of day automations run

    Allow/set automations to run at a scheduled time of day i.e. only during business hours.

    Abby R


  6. Shorter Automation Schedules

    I am looking to use the automations to better improve response times to our tickets. Currently we have four priority types. I am looking to have our highest priority "Urgent" notify the owner of the ticket every 15-30 minutes as our Urgent priority is classified as immediate action. I am noticing we only have "Every Hour" is the shortest I can run the automation. This will not do. It would be nice to set the amount of time in minutes or at least a few shorter options. Thank you!

    Nethanial W
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature πŸ‘#Misc 🀷


  7. 'Every Weekday' Trigger option

    Would like a Every Weekday (Monday - Friday) trigger in automations.

    Doug Z


  8. Allow @mentions in tickets

    Allow @ mentions in tickets to notify the person mentioned

    Abby R
    #Enhancement 🎨


  9. Auto Refresh Tickets Board

    Please add a feature for auto refresh on the tickets board at https://web.tikit.ai/tickets/board We use this to track all tickets and us not refreshing has caused us to miss tickets. An autorefresh would mitigate that.

    Louis G
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature πŸ‘


  10. Elevated Knowledge Articles

    Creation of knowledge that is only visible to analysts as it requires elevation to execute or higher skill set.

    Kim J
    #Enhancement 🎨


  11. Allow users to be notified when other users are viewing the same ticket.

    This feature would be extremely beneficial as it prevents duplicate responses to the same requester. I ran into two situations today where my co-worker and I responded to the same ticket and accidentally unassigned one another since the ticket didn't update in time. I believe if we were notified when others were viewing tickets we're working on, it would allow for stronger communication and overall better organization of our tickets.

    Roman B


  12. Ability to assign a ticket to a group instead of just a person

    In many cases, in a lifecycle there will be a group of people that need to be notified about the task instead of just one person. Adding the ability to assign to a group would be helpful.

    Brandon B
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature πŸ‘


  13. Resolution Note

    We provide monthly reporting to our IT Committee that includes a listing of our tickets. We require there be a resolution description in the report. Currently TIKIT does not have a field to leave a resolution. I would like for there to be a required resolution description upon closing/resolving a ticket. Sometimes tickets are closed without any notes and then we can't even refer back to old tickets to get the resolution.

    Tyler G
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature πŸ‘#Deal Breaker πŸ’”


  14. "Show Full Conversation" in Teams still cuts off text in longer comments

    When viewing a ticket from the VA in Teams, if a requester clicks "show full conversation", replies are cut off too short and there is no way for them to see the fully expanded replies without having to open the ticket in the portal.

    Jacob E


  15. Time Limits on SLA(s)

    We attach SLAs to tickets assigned to one of our support teams... expectation is that tickets are moved out of the "pending" stage and into the "active" stage within a specific timeframe. We've noticed a number of tickets breaching that SLA due to the timing of ticket submission. After business hours, we obviously aren't expecting the team to hit their target time, so think it would be an awesome feature to add time limits to when an SLA would actually go into effect.

    Luke G
    #Enhancement 🎨#Feature πŸ‘#Misc 🀷