New updates and improvements to TIKIT

Web UI Performance, More Analyst Control, and the all new End User Portal

New Feature

We've made several changes to spanning performance enhancements, completely new functionality, and the introduction of the End User Tikit portal.

What's new for Analysts on

Column Sorting: While you'll always see the most recent at the top of the list. You can now sort on any column you want in the web app.


File Attachments: You can now filter File Attachments just like Comments from Teams, quickly delete/download from the web app, and upload by drag n drop!



Faster and Updated Layout: Apart from from bringing performance enhancements to the web app, we've also brought a completely new and redesigned layout for interacting with tickets. Expand what you need, when you need it and keep the emphasis on conversation.


What's new for End Users on

Up until now, people in your organization who didn't work or manage tickets could not access But today, all of that changes with the introduction of our all new end user portal that enables your Ticket (Tikit?) Team's customers the ability to update and manage their requests from the web.