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Updates to the Power Automate Connector

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Over the last few weeks, prospects, customers, and even us here at Tikit have been patiently waiting for the next update to Tikit's Power Automate connector to become live. In that timeframe, week by week, region by region, that update has been rolling out and today - Microsoft has marked the rollout as complete.

Available immediately to those on the ITSM Plan, are updates to Tikit's Power Automate connector and new functionality around Lifecycles. Lets dive in!


Lifecycles: Power Automate Tasks

With Tikit Lifecycles, you've had a way to intelligently gate the Phases of work to ensure Approvals and Tasks are delivered at the right time, every time. Now, you can go one step further by adding Power Automate Tasks to Phases and kicking off automation at the right time, every time.


Power Automate Tasks in Lifecycles



While Power Automate Tasks are defined in a Tikit Lifecycle, their Status is controlled exclusively via Power Automate. Take for example the following Flow that onboards new employees into Entra only when a specific Power Automate Task has become Active.


Trigger: When a Lifecycle Power Automate Task Becomes Active



With the Update PA Task, you can set the Status of that Power Automate Task in Tikit and then use it in Transition Logic so you can continue to build Lifecycles that follow your business processes.






Even More Triggers and Actions

Whereas When a Lifecycle PA Task Becomes Active is a Trigger that exists within the context of a Lifecycle. What if you're looking to do something at the Phase or Transition level?


Trigger: When a Lifecycle Transitions to a Phase



Trigger: When a Lifecycle Transition Engages



With these two additional Triggers, Power Automate flow can initiate based on a specific Phase of Work starting or a specific Transition occurring.



We also heard from you that dynamically updating Approvals with the Requester's Manager, or Task Assignee's dynamically based on Custom Form answers was needed. Not only can you now use Update Approval or Update Task to accomplish that, we're also introducing Actions for Add Task and Add Approval.


Best of all, these Actions support Tickets that have and do not have Lifecycles!







There is a LOT in this Power Automate connector update. We're excited to see what you will build and will be covering this further on Technically Speaking, happening a whole day earlier. See you Thursday!