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Updated Filters and Surveys are here!

New Feature

When it comes to Service Desk interactions, reporting on tickets flowing through the system is one thing. But user satisfaction is another entirely. With this update to Tikit we're bringing performance improvements to and Teams bots, support for filtering on requesters in and the ability to survey users where it makes sense - right within chat.



As an Analyst, all you have to do to use surveys is keep doing what you're already doing. Resolving tickets! Anytime a ticket is marked as Resolved, the Requester receives a notification as they do today with one added benefit - they can now acknowledge if the ticket was resolved to their satisfaction.



Clicking Yes is confirms the response and presents a way for the requester to rate their experience:


Whereas clicking No gives the requester the ability to provide reason why it wasn't resolved to their satisfaction, and it also reactivates it for them.




And of course the only way to truly round out this kind of interaction is to visualize it. Which is why we've also introduced a new report on to show off your brand new survey results.



Filtering on Requesters

Last - we've also updated our list of filters to include the community request for filtering on the Requester within




Bot and Fluent UI Performance Updates

We've also made the first of several upcoming performance enhancements to bot interactions and Both should result in faster interactions with the bots and moving between tickets in


These updates are available right now. Enjoy!