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Sessions Timeouts and Export to CSV

New Feature

We've got the end of the year in sight. But we've also got performance updates, handling session timeouts, improving the Custom Forms experience, and Export to CSV available for all. Right now!



We're always looking for ways to improve overall Tikit performance. Now creating tickets from messages in Teams is faster than before.



Never Be Logged Out AGAIN!

Depending how often you're interacting with Tikit's Agent Portal, you might find yourself having to re-authenticate with Microsoft 365. Effective immediately and without requiring any configuration on your part, that is no more.

Just like Teams, once you're authenticated - you are authenticated until you logout.


Custom Forms

We're also making a very slight change to the Custom Forms designer in that by default, the Card Payload Editor will be minimized. Which means by default, more real estate to design, experiment, and test things out.



The Card Payload Editor can still be accessed/brought into focus by clicking the "+" icon associated with it in the event you need to manually edit things or copy the contents out to replicate your card layout in a different Template.


Export to CSV

If you're the currently signed in Agent looking for a one time export of tickets with no access tokens required. Then look no further...than the top right of your screen!




Now with a single click, you can quickly perform a one time export of the current ticket list as it spans any number of pages to a CSV file.



That's all for now, until next time!