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Performance Updates for Bots and Fluent UI + Roadmap requested Features

New Feature

Today we've released performance updates across the entire Tikit experience for the bots and Fluent UI. We've also made some AI enhancements, as well as introduced some new functionality for exclusively for Fluent UI.

No use waiting another moment. Let's dive right in!


Bot Enhancements - Ticket Submission

When it comes to submitting tickets via the Tikit Virtual Agent, we've heard in a handful cases about multiple/duplicate tickets. Now when a ticket is created, Tikit Virtual Agent hides the recently created ticket to avoid this issue.




Artificial Intelligence - Improved Confidence

We've also made some changes to make sure the Tikit Virtual Agent is even more confident of returning an answer with the introduction of Synonyms.


With Synonyms, you can now define like words and improve your already existing Knowledge Base. Just head into Knowledge -> Synonyms and start adding them. Changes take effect immediately and will improve your entire Knowledge Base in the process.



A shoutout and thanks to the customers who raised and upvoted this on the roadmap!


Fluent UI - Performance

We've also been incredibly focused on the speed of moving between different aspects of As such, this release introduces performance enhancements across the board. Whether it be loading grids, navigating into tickets, switching views, changing settings, or even interacting with the bots. ALL OF IT is more responsive than ever.

And beyond performance, there are also several changes now available in The first is support for pagination on grid views. Tickets are now are broken out into pages of 20 to keep things a bit more tidy when looking at grids.



Second is infinite scroll when you're in an edit ticket screen. All tickets on the left hand side will seamlessly load as you scroll.



Third, is the ability to toggle Survey functionality on/off if you so choose



And the fourth change now available on was a request that we heard from customers on the roadmap about including support for Dark Mode. After a rigorous approval process, we've now achieved an SPF rating of....err we mean... with this change, you now have the choice to force light mode, dark mode, or for us to just follow your current system setting.





Everything above is live right now. Enjoy!