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Since the launch of Tikit, we've done everything we can to ensure agents and requesters always stay in the loop of communication. But with that has come a host of genuine needs from all of our customers to customize those experiences.

Whether you want to turn off notifications when the Status changes, customize your own notifications from TVA, have even more fields to use within Automations, or have the opportunity to Apply a Template from Automations. Today those items and more are now available! So...




Some light re-arranging of Settings

The first thing ITSM customers will notice with Notification Center is that Email Connector settings continue to move into Teams centric configurations. Here's a quick before and after:


5.20.2024 and before:



5.21.2024 and after:



As you can see, Notification Center takes over by providing some of that Email Connector customization that you had before + offering the ability to disable several out of box notifications to Requesters whether it it be via Teams or Email.

While cutting down on some notifications is great, it's also possible you're here disabling the out of box notifications because you're looking to build your own and further customize Tikit to your organization's needs. So let's head over to Automations next to check out the new items that have arrived there.


Updates to Automations - Entities

Tikit offers an automation engine to drive everything from simple to complex workflows. With updates to Notification Center we're giving you more entities and more actions.

Previously you've had access to Tickets, Approvals and SLAs. We're now extending this list further to include Tasks and Lifecycles.





With support for Tasks, you can not only perform automations centered around them. But key off of their respective properties such as the Assignee, Status, Title, or even the Phase of Work they might be included in.




With support for Lifecycles, you can now build automations that key off of a Lifecycle's properties such its Title, Phase Name (so you could capture Phases across different Lifecycles), Active Phase (is a specific Phase the Active one), and finally the Status of the Lifecycle.




And you can also now filter on the Template of a Ticket.




Updates to Automations - Action Types

We're also introducing even more flexibility to Actions with the introduction of Apply Template and Notification Center.


Apply Template

When a Ticket meets a certain criteria, a specific comment is left, or anything else you wire up within Automations occurs - Apply Template. With this action, even applying a Template can become an automated process within your organization for agents or requesters.



Notification Center

And now we can come full circle with Notification Center. The ability not just to send email in response to an Automation. But the ability to send a Teams notification as Tikit or Tikit Virtual Agent based on the role of the user within a ticket.




The first thing you'll notice after enabling a Teams notification, is the choice to pick who the message should go to. Based on your selection either Tikit, Tikit Virtual Agent, or both will become enabled offering you the ability to edit and style the message to your liking.


Messages to:

  • Assignee
  • Group
  • Team
  • Task Assignee
  • Collaborators

will always come from Tikit.


Whereas messages to:

  • Requester
  • Approvers
  • Affected Users
  • Selected Users

will always come from Tikit Virtual Agent.


Best of all, customizing either experience is the same and offers support for variables within the message.




What's more, we're letting you choose the styling of the cards that go out. Just click on "Selected Card:" to see your options AND preview your changes.


Simple Card




Generic Ticket Card



Edit Ticket Card




Finally, you'll notice one last checkbox after you've made your selection - "Update Message/Card." Checking this off results in notifications about a single ticket to remain a single notification that always appears as the most recent conversation from Tikit/Tikit Virtual Agent. You'll still receive notifications in Teams about the update, except with this checkbox you can ensure there will only ever be a single notification about a given ticket.




Wrapping Up

There is no doubt, a LOT happening in this update. We're excited to get this shipped and can't wait to see the kinds of notifications you'll build with it. We'll go over Notification Center and what else is coming down the pipe at our next Technically Speaking happening next week on May 31st.