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Need an okay on a request? Check out Approvals!

New Feature

Updates are live that include bug fixes and stability improvements. Plus it also includes the ability to bring stakeholders into any ticket with Tikit Approvals.


Whether you're granting someone more permissions in your environment or ordering them new hardware. It never hurts to get the official okay from someone else. With Approvals you can now loop in stakeholders across your organization and Tikit will take care of everything else.


Adding an Approval

A ticket just came in and our favorite analyst Diego thinks it needs some oversight before he moves forward on it. Now in on a ticket you'll see the Approvals section where you can add one or many Approvals.



He'll click on Add Approval so he can give this Approval a Title, provide some additional details, and pick who this needs to go to. You'll notice we can optionally require a response from ALL recipients if we have multiple employees we need to get approval from.


We can also add an approval directly from Tikit inside of Teams as well! Because "Add Approval" has become a new action to take on tickets as an Analyst.



Once Diego clicks on Add to finalize the Approval. Adele will get a notification from Tikit Virtual Agent.


Adele can now see the Ticket from Megan, about a request for a Surface, and the details we (Diego) entered on the Approval. Whether she chooses to Approve or Decline, Diego will receive an update letting him know the outcome of Adele's decision.


This approval is also recorded on the ticket for any and all future reference as well!




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