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Multi-Department Mailbox

New Feature

Our last update to Multi-Department saw the introduction of the Multi-Department Picker for Teams and/or Email. Giving employees across your organization the ability to choose where that ticket ends up.

Today we’re introducing another feature in a similar vein for ITSM Plan customers, Multi-Department Mailbox which enables any of the many departments you have configured the ability to hook up their own mailboxes located in 365.


The Email Connector is Moving

To accommodate this feature - a few things are changing and a few things are staying the same. First, the Email Connector now offers Global settings for all mailboxes you can configure.



Second, you’ve probably noticed the actual inbox you can configure (or already have configured) above is absent. That’s because each Team now supports an additional configuration for mailbox connectivity. If you're already using the Email Connector, we've already migrated your configuration for you.



Whether it be other departments or project based Teams within your organization. Not only can they have their own dedicated Tikit instance. But now they can hook up the mailbox of their choice to their Team.


You’ll also notice that clicking into a Team’s configuration, now looks a little bit different as well.



Now anytime their respective inboxes receive mail, tickets will be created for them, in their Team. Regardless of if it’s a new mailbox you just created, or one that department is already used to using. This configuration is but a click away for ITSM Plan customers.

Despite things moving around a bit – this configuration is still administratively protected. Which means the only way you will see the above configuration is if you are in the Administrator role for your Tikit deployment. Otherwise, this section is hidden from other Tikit roles.


Wrapping Up

This release also includes fixes as reported by our customers as well as introducing SLAs and their respective status on the main ticket list!




We'll cover these items and more at Technically Speaking happening a whole week earlier, this Friday!