New updates and improvements to TIKIT

More Performance and more features with Bulk Edit & Ticket Types

New Feature

With a growing number of customers, we're working hard behind the scenes to ensure Tikit continues to scale for new and current customers alike so they can work faster.

What's new for Analysts on


We have upgraded our infrastructure to support faster load times when navigating to "Tickets" and loading individual tickets.


Bulk Edit

You asked. We delivered! With Bulk Edit, you can now update one, five, or fifty tickets with a single change. Just select the ticket you want, hit edit and flip the Assignee, Group, Priority, or even...


Ticket Type

While Categories are great for providing information about the nature of your tickets and making reporting easier. With Ticket Types, we're giving you another angle to view the nature of your work!

For example, you could create a Ticket Type such as:

  • Incident and mark all tickets that are break/fix in nature like "my laptop won't turn on" or "the projector doesn't work"
  • Favor/Request and mark all tickets that are "I need..." in nature but not necessarily broken such as "I need to order a new laptop" or "Can I get a USB drive?"
  • Change for the times you want to see changes being made to various systems within your organization

Once you're using Ticket Types either by setting them per ticket or on Templates (that way they are always set!) You can start asking questions like:

  • How many Networking Incidents are there vs. Networking Changes?
  • How many Hardware Favors are there vs. Hardware Requests?


Optimizing Triage

We've also been focusing on the user interfaces within the Triage Channel to make things more manageable if you aren't using Groups or Templates.

Improving Automations

We discovered an issue with a handful of customers wherein those with large volumes of automations would gradually begin to slow down their ability to update tickets and add comments to tickets. This has now been fixed for everyone!