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Email Connector Updates and Enhancements

New Feature

We're delivering gifts early this year with releases that address some issues customers have reported when using Firefox as well as Dark Mode in But more importantly, we've got a few changes for Tikit's email connector that bring with it increased stability and more functionality. Let's dive in!



Apart from the improvements we'll get to below, we've made several changes to the email connector that stabilize it's performance and ever so slightly change its initial setup configuration.

Now when configuring, you can simply select the mailbox you wish to use! Type to get started and then click connect.



Good to go!

MicrosoftTeams-image (2)



Per the roadmap, we're also further extending the email connector's functionality by bringing support for processing attachments on emails and continuing to respect your organization's file compliance/security mechanisms. Your attachments continue to securely stay with you and viewable in Teams/ no matter where the ticket came from!

Once you've configured your email connector, attachments will automatically be processed on new emails arriving after that point.


Deflect Emails

A core mechanic of Tikit is it's means to intelligently prevent and deflect tickets from being created. However this is something that has been previously only been possible when speaking with Tikit Virtual Agent in Teams. But now you can optionally enable the ability to deflect emails as though it were a chat.




Just by flipping on "Ticket Deflection" employees now have the chance of receiving a response that looks like the following:



And following the link takes them to the form to fill out on!




But what about an even more streamlined experience? What about using the tools you and your organization already have and placing forms right inside of Outlook? We thought you'd never ask.



With Ticket Deflection and Actionable Messages enabled, employees now receive an experience on par with Teams and Tikit Virtual Agent. So let's ask for some software via email and see what we get this time.




Instead of a link to fill out the form, it's placed directly inline via Email. Which means you can submit from Outlook Web or Outlook desktop. Just another roadmap item shipped!


These updates will be available on 12.14!