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App Consent Breakdown, Upgraded Helpbot, and InTune Integration is Live!

New Feature

We've got a few things to cover with this announcement and they are all changing the way you interact with Tikit on every level. Let's get started with...

Helpbot Enhancements

We've introduced some new functionality on HelpBot, so instead of chatting and asking for My Requests for end users to update. End Users can now just navigate straight into them with the new "Requests" tab.


Once there, users can further dive into tickets to leave comments or upload new attachments!


This functionality will also be included in the upcoming, certified, Tikit Virtual Agent!

New App Consent

We've heard from customers and prospects alike that when it comes to provisioning Tikit, it'd be great if there was a way to gradually scale up app consent with functionality as you grew. Now you can just by heading over to Settings at! Then navigate into the new Feature Configuration section.


Here you'll be able to see a breakdown of permissions that are at a minimum required to use Tikit + new features that you can enable as you so choose.


Here you can see a breakdown of permissions per specific feature set within Tikit. Including granting access to InTune for user device management.

Microsoft Intune

With our previous integration to InTune, we gave you a way to see user's devices and use it as a jumping off point into the InTune portal. But with our latest round of enhancements, we're giving you a wholly new way to manage user's and their devices directly from within Tikit. Once enabled and permissions granted, let's head over to one of our user's within Tikit.


On the Linked Devices tab - whether it be PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, you'll find it here. Plus you'll be able to see other relevant details about each device such as compliance status, device free space, and the ability to Retire, Lock, Reboot, and view on the Microsoft InTune portal.

Wrapping up

This release certainly brings a host of changes with it along with fixes for session timeouts when working with Until next time!